Water Treatment Specialists

About Us

Target Water Treatment Specialists is a company with over 20 years’ experience in water treatment services

And operates within Middle East & North Africa region from our Head office in Egypt.
We have an exceptionally experienced team of engineers and professionals providing water and wastewater treatment solutions using latest technologies for commercial, domestic, and industrial applications

  • Water is essential for life. It sustains us. It helps us to live, to grow, to cleanse, to create. We provide clean water solutions for industrial and potable use
  • Access to water can determine a company's future or a country's economy. Our focus is solving problems in difficult water conditions
  • We partner with customers and suppliers to provide the most efficient water and energy management systems

About Us

Mission & Vision

Target Water Treatment Specialists mission is to provide high quality & latest technology water treatment solutions with strong technical support & services

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Customers’ Competitive Advantage


Reduce water usage -Meet sustainability goals

Extend equipment life

“Water is the new oil”
-Reduce operating costs

Regulatory compliant

Severe water conditions